Special Packages

Presentation Pack

The Family Lines of Two Relatives
Professionally Researched
Includes up to 10 Certificates
Presentation pack includes:
Census Information and Certificates
Family Tree

Special Family Tree Packages are available for those of you who wish to employ a Professional Researcher or who wish to offer as a gift to a friend or relative.
An ideal package if you would like me to trace the ancestry of two people, perhaps your grandparents or parents. The Tow lines would then be researched as far back as is feasibly possible, very often to the early part of the 1800’s.
A number of Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates are included in the package price (a Maximum of 10, subject to availability). You will have the choice of which certificates to include and the option to add further certificates at an additional cost. Also included in the package; a Presentation pack containing family trees, certificates, census information and any other documents and information encountered during the search.

The Epic Package

Some Types of Research Included (subject to availability):
Birth Death and Marriage information
Divorce Information
Parish records
Cemetery Plans
Military service records
Photographs War Cemeteries.
Census transcripts
Passenger Lists and Manuscripts:
Certain Alumni Information
Business Directories
Local Directory Information
Court records
Probate Information
Your ancestor’s picture
Information about places and institutions related to your ancestor’s history
Other Uncovered such as Obituary and News Stories.
Many More.

A complete research service over a 3 or 4 month period.
The price includes up to 15 birth marriage or death Certificates, all costs incurred in searching and copying Parish Records, Census and Other Documents. You will have the choice of which certificates to include and the option to add further certificates at an additional cost. Where I discover a divorce in your family, I can obtain the court papers at no extra cost.
The success of this package is reliant on the exchange of information between you and I over the entire period of research. I guarantee as a minimum to undertake an average of 3 hours per week researching your ancestry during the period you select.
The final work will be submitted to you in the form of our Presentation Pack together with photocopies or transcripts of your family records, birth, marriage or death certificates and any other documents and information uncovered about your family with the option to also provide the information in a Gedcom or PAF file format.

For further details about these packages please contact me
All our clients benefit from ongoing support and advice from an experienced Family Historian.
See Terms and Conditions and Fees


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