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19th Century Migrants look North America Bound at Humber Quays in Kingston Upon Hull

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One response to “Contact Me

  1. Lynn S. Brown

    August 6, 2011 at 4:21 pm

    Dear Danny,
    To respond to a posting about Horbling…and the Browns. A Taylor had queried about the Browns of Horbling and the Manor House.

    Col. Henry Brown did inherit the Manor House and then upon his death it went to his sister Lavinia Brown Shaw. They both were children of Dr. Richards Brown who died in 1798. Lavinia born post humous of her father.
    The Conants inherited Lynden Hall in Rutland and other properties through Catherine Brown Conant via her brother Edward Brown.
    The Brown Hospital at Stamford and the Brown School in Spalding were built by members of the same Brown family.


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