The Making of a Champion

28 Jun

Born in Kingston Upon Hull in 1848, Samuel Ainsworth Perry’s family ‘s origins were in Stockport. He was one of 9 children to John Perry and Mary Ainsworth. Samuel’s family lived in Hull for some time before returning to Cheshire.
Soon after returning to Cheshire , Samuel and wife Annie had children of their own, including Samuel junior. With Samuel juniors parents being employed as Cotton Operatives in local Cotton Mills , the family stayed in the Stockport area for several generations and at the turn of the century, Samuel junior married Hannah Birch.
It was Hannah Birch who bore Britain’s greatest Tennis champion; Fred Perry.
Frederick John Perry (18 May 1909 – 2 February 1995) was a championship-winning English tennis and table tennis player who won 10 Majors including eight Grand Slams and two Pro Slams. Perry won three consecutive Wimbledon Championships between 1934 and 1936 and was World No. 1 four years in a row. Perry also became the last British player to win the men’s Wimbledon championship in 1936
One of the UK’s best l known cotton sports shirts, an idea originating in the Victorian Cotton Mills was developed by Fred Perry in the 1940’s, it’s emblem , the laurel wreath being based on the emblem of Wimbledon and it’s woven cotton symbolic of Fred’s origins.

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